Khanda: Five Groups of Existence

Kelly Ingleright-Telgenhoff

March 12 through April 10

Reception for the artist:
Gallery Night, March 19, 2:00 - 9:00

Exhibition Photos

University of North Texas MFA student Kelly Ingleright-Telgenhoff presents her MFA Exhibition show Khandha: Five Groups of Existence. Ingleright-Telgenhoff is known for her large-scale, colorful, single-figure, abstract and realistic oil paintings. Her ouvre takes the viewer on a visual and philosophical quest. The detailed quiet realism offers a narrative to the viewer through focus on one beautiful or grotesque object in a simple setting. The addition of nontraditional materials, such as wool fibers, have been blended into a canvas or added into paintings to create a unique visual effect of rupture and distortion. She makes the common everyday object of interest transcend its original meaning, inviting the viewer into a Zen philosophical consideration.

Ingleright-Telgenhoff lives in Parker County and is currently in her last semester of graduate work at The University of North Texas. She has been a Texas resident for nearly ten years and has been in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for eight years. Kellys work is represented in the permanent collections of local museums and galleries, including The Old Post Office Museum in Graham, Texas. Her work has been shown in local galleries such as 500X, Gallery 76102 and The Fort Worth Community Art Center. Ingleright-Telgenhoff teaches Drawing II at the University of North Texas and offers private painting lessons from her home.